A website building and hosting platform

Built just for creative agencies

Simple Website Hosting provides a simple, cost-effective, website platform which agencies use for low budget projects.

Instead of turning away these leads, agencies are using our platform to convert them into loyal clients generating sustainable, recurring income for their business.

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Some of our platform's Features

Simple website hosting and development for busy agencies

Our platform is designed specifically for agencies to make a profit from development projects with small budgets. Convert those leads you would otherwise have discarded into recurring income.

Hundreds of good-quality themes for you to choose from. All searchable by industry/category.
Thousands of royalty-free stock photography images you can use on your web site.
Access to an experienced development team, on hand to build the website for you.
Ongoing support and maintenance from a dedicated team of experts.
Top-tier hosting platform, including security monitoring and CDN.
Fully white labelled with your agency's branding.
Business benefits

Is this right for you?

Find out more about us, why we built this platform and what the benefits are for your agency.

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About the platform

How does it work?

A step-by-step walkthrough of the seamless process we use to take your client’s website from concept to reality.