A website building and hosting platform

Built just for agencies

Creative Collab partners exclusively with creative agencies, providing them with high-end website development, technical support and consulting services. However, not every end-client has a high-end budget. To address this, we created Simple Website Hosting.

Our platform provides a simple, cost-effective way for agencies to create websites for low budget projects. Instead of turning away these leads, agencies are using our platform to convert them into loyal clients and generating sustainable, recurring income for their business.

Why use our services?

Business benefits

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Increase revenue

Convert low budget leads into sustainable recurring income. Multiple low budget clients can have a surprisingly positive impact on your bottom line.

Play the long game

Establish a relationship with the client early and reap the benefits over time. Our platform is a business growth springboard; you grow as the client’s budget grows.

Expand your offering

Stay focused on your core creative skillset while our team takes care of everything technical. Everything we do for you is white labelled so client work is always on brand.

Why this? Why now?

Maximising margins in uncertain times

Traditionally, most creative agencies turn away leads with low budgets. The economy was strong and there was enough work in the marketplace for this to be a viable stance to take. However, this is no longer the case.

The combined effects of Brexit and Covid-19 have certainly shifted our perspective on what was previously deemed, “normal”. There is uncertainty in the market and project budgets are reduced. It’s not all doom and gloom though. There’s also opportunities for new business; agencies just need to look at it through a different lens.

While some businesses have struggled and closed, some have just started. These new businesses often still have restricted budgets but they’re going to be the next generation of agency clients. Wouldn’t you rather form a strong relationship with these business now rather than try and win their business later?

 Instead of turning these clients away, our platform will allow you to establish a relationship with a new client, generate recurring income, and grow with that client as their business grows. The economy will ultimately bounce back, it always does. When the client has more budget for a bespoke build, they already have a relationship with you and we can help you transition them off the platform and build something bespoke.

Who we are

Our team of experts

Our team of experts have a wide-range of skills and many decades of experience too. Collectively, we have worked freelance and full-time in a variety of agency-based roles. From account management, through project management to scoping and development, we cover all the bases.

Mike Hatcher
Diana Popescu
Account Manager
Migen Karriqi
Senior Developer
Carlo Bernal